Content/Publication Management

‘His ability to organize and coordinate multiple editions …  to streamline workflows to meet multiple deadlines …’

Publication management is about organizing people and priorities–and then continuing to reorganize as needed through to the final deadline.

I have worked many years managing workflow for multiple, simultaneous publication projects; coordinating contributors with production schedules and the needs of the clients.
At Outdoor Empire Publishing, I saved money and time through smart planning, timely and consistent communication, flexibility, and a well-organized process of checks and reviews.
As a professional communicator, I explain clearly my own goals and vision, and listen carefully to both clients and contributors. I take a collaborative approach to solving problems.

A publication manager:

  • Develops the goals, structure, and tone of each unique project;
  • Coordinates and prioritizes input from each department or client;
  • Schedules the network of production, from overall design to writing, to editing, to layout, to publication;
  • Organizes content to support clear understanding;
  • Plans graphics to enhance and support written content;
  • Maintains consistent communication with all involved parties;
  • Eliminates disorganized, repetitive effort;
  • Monitors workflow, anticipates problems, and adjusts plans as necessary.

“His ability to organize and coordinate multiple editions in order to streamline workflows to meet multiple deadlines in a seamless manner is almost unmatched
in my experience.”

– George Kramer, freelance writer and editor


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