Editing For Clarity

My job is crafting clear writing; organizing words and chunks of information to make sense the first time you read them.

I am an experienced editor, copyeditor, writer, and publication project manager in Portland, Oregon, available for onsite or remote assignments, long-term and short-term.
I edit and manage technical, informational, and SEO content online; newsletters and booklets for nonprofits; and magazines, brochures, newsletters, and other print materials. I’m also a writer, from blog posts to informational articles to fiction to essays.
I take pride in doing quality work and enhancing the productivity of groups I work with.

Content/Publication Management

‘His ability to organize and coordinate multiple editions …  to streamline workflows to meet multiple deadlines …’

Editing and Copyediting

‘Thank you for giving me the most productive notes of any copyeditor I’ve ever worked with.


‘He increased the renewal rates of a 45-year-old magazine to … levels that were second-to-none in the industry.

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